Clever hotel gimmicks that work

pexels-photo-271624.jpegOne of the great things about travelling is discovering what hotels do that make a difference.

We stay in some lovely properties when we travel as a family and I also get to travel for business.   Most properties do the obvious well but every now and again you come across a hotel that does something really clever.

They are not always 5 star, just 5 star ideas.

Saving the environment one guest at a time…

A special shout out to the Eventhouse in Cronulla.  Its a nice enough 4 star property near the beach just out of Sydney.  Nothing too flash just a beach hotel but really clever…

Each night when you go to bed, rather than offer up the suggestion via a little card, that you might like to reuse your linen, hang up your towel and save the planet, they leave a note saying, if you don’t need a service of your room – we’ll give you a $10 food and beverage voucher.

You just pop a card on the door handle when you head to bed and they slip a voucher under the door during the night.

Awesome idea for the solo business traveller who isn’t in the room much.  And so nice to be given a little reward for saving the planet.  3 nights later – I got dinner on them so we both won and the planet won too.

IMG_7392Talking about saving the planet, at Banyan Tree resorts (we stayed at the one in Koh Samui a couple of years ago) they have lovely authentic pottery ammenity holders that are generously refilled each day.  Not massive bulk shampoo dispensers but charming little holders with everything from handcream, to cotton buds to insence burners.

No, you don’t get to take home little bottles of happiness and joy.  What you do instead is save the planet around 30 small plastic bottles over a weeks stay.  Yay the planet!  And you have more than enough to wash your child’s hair 3 times each day!

Making your stay just that little bit better

At the Four Seasons in Ko Olina in Hawaii, when hosting a wedding for other guests, they delivered us milk and home made cookies to help you sleep through any noise that those other guests might make.  Nice touch and it certainly meant less complaints.

At the Four Seasons in Vietnam they offer you bicycles to get you around the vast resort with ease.  Yes you can wait for a buggy but if you want to explore, there is no better way.  And they deliver child sized bikes with trainer wheels for the little people.

And while we are on the subject of Four seasons – looking out for the smaller members of the family, they’ll be greeted with a cuddly toy relevant to the local hotel and some yummy snacks to help them settle in.

The Ritz Carton in Hong Kong will make sure that there is a child sized robe and slippers in the room and a special treasure hunt so you can explore the hotel and win a prize.  Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt!  More importantly who doesn’t love a happy child!

IMG_3605On arrival at the Arts Hotel in Barcelona (I can not wait to return there next year) you arrive to champange free flowing at the reception along with huge jars of lollies for the kids.  Before we had even checked in, our small person was off on a treasure hunt with a team member whose sole job it was to keep the little guests happy, I was drinking champange and Simon was being told about the free movies and popcorn offered to small people each night so Mum and Dad could enjoy a meal.  Charlotte stocked up on sweets  that lasted well into the next 12 night cruise.

But did I mention the bubbles….

Making the holiday last

Checking out and moving on can feel terrible, especially if you have lost a special item on your stay.  Last year the night before we left the Burj al Arab, our daughter realised she had misplaced a little teddy she had bought at Malta airport a few weeks earlier.  It had a tee shirt that simply said “I LOVE MALTA”.  It cost all of $5.00 but was her absolute favourite thing.

Could we find Malta Bear anywhere?  He was well lost. We rang housekeeping, we searched the room (no easy feat – they are huge!) the butlers were all engaged in searching too, but Malta bear was gone.  As we went to check out the next morning at 7am, Charlotte was presented with a Burj Bear dressed in a bathrobe that had been hand stitched with the words “I LOVE MALTA” in gold thread on the back.  Talk about – going the extra mile and it had all been achieved while we slept.

IMG_2451 2What clever things have you seen or experienced that have made your stay?








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