Book worm book count: 16: That is what a day at sea with a book worm will do!

IMG_0635Mykonos – Wow.

Just wow.  I fell completely in love with this special little town.  It is everything that you expect a Greek Island to deliver up.  White buildings, narrow pathways, small eateries, spectacular views, blue, blue ocean, stunning flowers cascading down white walls.  It was magic.

IMG_0742Mykonos is an island in the Cyclades, lying between Tinos, Siros, Paros and Naxos.  That is a lot of “os”.  The beaches are stunning, the water clear but it is the picturesque little white painted villages and windmills that really cement it in your mind.  It is exactly like the brochure promises.  It is a photographer’s dream.

IMG_0699Traveling with a small person meant that we really couldn’t hire scooters and explore the island and to be honest – we didn’t need to.  The village of Mykonos delivered.

IMG_0672Arriving by cruise ship means it is going to be busy.  Thousands of day trippers descend on small little villages without warning, but with credit cards and cash.  The locals aren’t complaining – their cash registers are ringing but it does mean that those narrow pathways get very crowded, very quickly.

IMG_0665Once again my top tip is get up and get going.  Early walks through deserted streets are so much more impressive than just a few hours later when the crowds show up after breakfast.  In this port we have been joined by 2 other cruise boasts and numerous ferries deliver still more passengers.  The steeply little town is suddenly inundated with 10,000 odd people.

By 11am it is chaos.


We found a fantastic little cafe Katerina’s in Little Venice, that had the smallest balcony but the very best view of the iconic windmills at the edge of the town.  Again – being early meant we got that balcony and therefore that view, to ourselves, as we watched hundreds walk by without realising the magic behind the door.  The coffee was not cheap but the view was priceless.  I could have stayed there all day.

IMG_0717Thankfully we were happy with our 4 hours of wandering and headed back on board to waste away the afternoon, pool side.  When the whole ship is ashore the pool is deliciously empty.

IMG_0704A warning – Mykonos (along with many of the Greek Islands) can get very windy and the wind has certainly showed up here today.  By early afternoon, deck chairs were dancing across the deck and towels flying overboard.  As a result of that, we chose not to head across the sea this afternoon to Delos – a nearby island that is uninhabited by man, but littered with ancient ruins and is believed to be the birthplace of twins deities Artemis and Apollo.  The crossing looked very rough and the boats very small!  Whilst it would have been lovely – the family were just not keen to risk it.  There is always next time.

IMG_0645We will be back – and when we do it will be for a least a week, if not longer.  My dream of chucking it all in to be a waitress on a Greek Island is alive and well!

Highlights from small heights

A waitress on a Greek island. Is she serious? My mother is insane, mentally challenged and certainly nuts!

IMG_0688Anyway, I have to admit Mykonos was pretty cool. It was defiantly beautiful and great for photos although I must say being there in the moment and looking at Mykonos with your own eyes is just better. There are few things better than standing on a rock in the sea staring at the beauty of Mykonos while the wind goes nuts and your hair is whipped up by it. Apart from reading of course, that is.

IMG_0663The cafe Mum mentioned is pretty cool and has awe-inspiring views though I have a grudge with it because I dropped my stone there and it fell into the ocean. Beware personal belongings everyone! As for getting up and going early I wasn’t too worried about the chaos myself – there didn’t seem to be any BUT that may have been because my mind was wandering elsewhere. ( Mum – her mind is always wandering elsewhere!)

IMG_0677Mum is right about one thing though – there was serious wind. It seemed like a tornado was at the next-door neighbour’s – unless you managed to get to one of the sheltered areas.  Then at long last you were safe.  I am quite glad we didn’t go to Delos though I wish it hadn’t been windy so I could have. Oh well.

Mykonos fun rating: 9 out of ten.

Improvement tip: The breeze needs to take a break, have a Kit Kat and the mean cafe needs to stop stealing stones.

Charlotte’s two top tips:

Pause to enjoy the streets and do not wear hats – they are guaranteed to fly off.


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