What I love about cruising

Book worm book count: 12

IMG_0486The moment we stepped on board our boat, Celebrity Reflection, I remembered what it was that I loved about cruising.

Firstly, the holiday begins the moment you step on board.  Which sounds silly when you are in the middle of a trip, but getting to your destination on a cruise boat, is all part of the holiday. Your resort travels with you. The champagne flows, the crew are helpful and happy. There is no long haul flight to get through or airports to navigate.

IMG_0494Secondly, if you’ve chosen the boat right, it’s full of travellers just like you. Which is huge in terms of how much fun you have. Our cruise seems to have a great mix from newly weds to grandparents to parents with toddlers and teenagers. It has a neat family feel.  I sat at the Martini Bar (with the frozen bar top and the best selection of Vodka I’ve ever seen) on the first afternoon and met two lovely couples, who drink just like we do – well.  One couple from America one from Australia. Of course we mentioned the America’s cup win to both. The Americans, of course knew nothing about it. The Australian’s changed the subject!

The Martini Bar was buzzing with cocktail shakers flying, live music playing, laughter and general merriment. It was 3pm on day 1.

IMG_0498Which brings me to another reason why I love cruising, it’s all included. Everything. There is no worry about checking an invoice, ensuring the bill is right, whose round is it. You just get on board and cruise. Buying a drinks package is a must in my opinion. Even better if you get it thrown in as part of a promotion like we did. I’m sure we’ll make good use of it.


IMG_0485The Celebrity Reflection is our kind of boat. It’s big, but stylish. There is a fabulous reading space for Charlotte called the Hideaway and the Library is open and inviting. So the small person is happy. The cocktails vary from bar to bar so the husbands mixology skills are likely to improve – if that is even possible. There are bars and eateries everywhere, the suite we are in is spacious and as I write this I’m sitting on my deck, tea in hand, listening to the waves so I’m in my happy place.

There is always something not quite perfect and for me, this time it’s the overhang above the balcony in our room that cuts the view slightly short. The expansive skyline is missing, but I’m not complaining.

Like all good cruisers, we had researched it fully, so I knew what to expect and on the plus side, we’ll almost always be in the shade, so more deck time for me.


Yep, we are definitely cruise people. I think we might even be Celebrities 😉

IMG_0481Top tip: The specialty restaurants do have an additional cover charge, but on the first night this was reduced significantly. It’s a good time to try them out. Last night we enjoyed the Lawn Club. Open air dining next to real grass ( yep, real grass on a boat) with fabulous BBQ meat of just about any description. It was loads of fun. You could cook your own under the guidance of the chef, but why would you, when you could sit back, gaze at the stars and sink into cruise mode.

Highlights from small heights

There is one thing about holidays that me and Mum agree on. Cruising ROCKS!

Its amazing to just sit on your balcony thingy and look into your binoculars marvelling at every island and getting excited every single time a seagull flies past your boat.

The overhang doesn’t bother me it just means Mum doesn’t make me wear sunblock. Whilst our cabin isn’t as big as a hotel room we stay in it long enough for me to really unpack.

My favourite place on the boat so far (and forever more) is the hideaway. Its takes up almost the entire level seven and some of level eight. (Mum – Charlotte I think means the space takes up a small area of the lobby on those levels) Its a cosy place with armchairs carved out of the walls and suspended chairs you get onto from number eight. In short: Awesome! Its the best place to read, write or just get away from pestering Mum and the rest of the world.

IMG_0527.JPGThe library however is pathetic. The shelves aren’t filled to the brink, it does NOT have a secret passage to the hideaway and there is no Harry Potter only shelf. I know right? Not worth a visit if you already have a kobo. The restaurants are nothing like the one’s in Italy but at least they’re survivable.

Fun rating of boat: 9 out of 10. Improvement tip: Expand the library so it covers at least three floors and add a kids menu at all restaurants at all times.

Charlotte’s Two Top Tips:

Live in the Hideaway and spend the time getting the binoculars just right. DO NOT allow it to be fuzzy.



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