The only downside of Dubai

Book worm book count: 5 and climbing.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. We love Dubai. It’s just that at this time of year it’s so hot. Too hot to do some of the really great things about this part of the world.


We have been reminded why it is that we never did some of the things we intended to do last time.  Daytime it gets into the 40’s and it’s just too much for the small person (and Mum and Dad) to take.  Outside activities are limited.  You can of course go skiing, pat penguins (seriously!), ice skate and shop globally all in one place.  They have an entire indoor adventure park – complete with rollercoasters.  There is the Dubai Fountain if dancing water is your thing or you can ascend the tallest building in the world.

You can go to any one of the number of water parks to keep cool or you could hotel hop and check out the other swimming pools, restaurants and bars.  Taxi’s are cheap and getting around is very easy.

The Mall of Dubai and the Mall of the Emirates have everything kind of store in them.  You can pop into Bloomingdales, then cross the Mall to Galleries La Fayette, before wandering through a traditionally themed Gold Souk.  If shopping is your thing, then this really is the place.  Open from 10am till 2am most days there is no end of damage that can be done to a credit card.  Even going to the supermarket is an adventure, with a cacophony of global food brands on offer (we got to sample Whitaker’s Chocolate – the small person thought that was hilarious)

You can of course do nothing.  Charlotte delights in reading yet another book, followed by a swim. And the swims can literally last hours because the water is always the perfect temperature.

So, yet again, we have chosen not to head out to the desert to ride camels at sunset, to take an abra (traditional boat) across the creek and to explore the labyrinth of gold, spice and textile souks.

All things at that we thought we wanted to do this time.

It has meant that we have read books, swum plenty and eaten far too much stunning food. Once again I am vowing to return in December or January and really make the most of Dubai.

But I am not complaining.

Dubai is almost all the way to Europe and we are very unlikely to leave a New Zealand summer to head here so it remains limited to a stopover on route for us.

Without doubt my recomendation is to stopover, even in this heat. The hotels are amazing, the people warm and kind, the food stunning and the idea of actually resting up after the chaos of getting out the door makes for a great use of time.  We’ll be rested and ready when we hit Rome.

Once again we have been here during Ramadan and more importantly Eid so there is a celebratory feel to the place and it’s always good to share another culture especially when there is so much fear of it in the world.  Being able to smile and say “Eid Mubarak” and be a part of the tradition is awesome.  Think Christmas with stunning dates rather than chocolate, lots of food, laughter and family.

IMG_0178Managing Ramadan is no biggie, it simply requires awareness and respect.  Dress appropriately and watch eating and drinking in public and you’ll be fine.

Hopefully tonight we will witness the final race and Emirates Team NZ will win the America’s cup, before we say goodbye Dubai and Hello Rome.


Highlights from Small heights

Mum is clearly insane.

She’s complaining about doing nothing, I on the other hand and thanking my lucky stars that the best thing we have to do us read, read, read. While mum is chattering on about why Dubai isn’t heaven I will remind you why it most certainly is.

Firstly the heat keeps us inside and therefore happy. The sun locks up reading and while it does stop us from eating ice cream by the pool (or at least solid ice cream) and can be annoying when the parents decide to brave it, the negativeness of it ends there.

Oh and yes I do confirm there are penguins available to pat. The malls are good when we hang around bookstores but ever so boring if we venture into supermarkets or clothing sections. Zzzzzzzz. Also the camel rides and boats I didn’t hear of but hey they might have been fun! (Fingers crossed we win the cup.)

Fun rating of heat: 9 out of 10.

Make sure parents only leave the room to go to bookstores and the swimming pool and its a ten.


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