Al Naseem – Dubai



Book worm book count Day 1: 2 read, 1 purchased, well into her 3rd.

Arriving at 5am after a 17 hour flight, certainly has its challenges when traveling with children.  Charlotte is amazing when it comes to coping with jet lag.  Mum and Dad – not so much.   She bounced off the walls till 7pm before falling into bed last night, where as I was ready to hit the pillow by mid afternoon.  Pushing through means that we are almost adjusted after the first night.  Which is a good thing as the 5th race in the America’s Cup is on tonight at 9pm here!

We love stopping over in Dubai because of the culture, the heat and the opportunity to recalibrate into holiday mode.  It’s all part of getting the ebb and flow right when travelling with children. With fantastic swimming pools, staying awake is definitely easier.

If you have to get up before dawn, best you do it in a magical place, where swimming pools are cooled down, not heated up, the sea feels like a warm bath and there is almost nothing else to do but lay poolside and adjust to life in a different time zone.

Generally we resist the temptation of visiting the sights till we have caught our collective breath.

Having said that the very best thing about waking up at 4am in a place like Dubai is the opportunity to get out and explore without the overwhelming heat. Purchasing a camera for the small person, means getting out and about early has a purpose and is more easily negotiated!

IMG_0110We chose the Al Naseem (sea breeze in Arabic) as our hotel this time round. Opening in December 2016 it is a very modern hotel, beautifully designed and peppered with stunning artwork by Emirati artist Mattar bin Lahej.  It is the fourth and final hotel in a row along the beachfront at Madinat Jumeirah.

Each hotel offers up a slightly different take on Arabic life, with the Al Naseem being the glamorous baby sister; sleek lines, modern design and an emphasis on ‘Al Bait Baitak’ meaning “make yourself at home”.

Located right on the pristine white sand beach it offers up some of the best views of the Burj al Arab. But it is the attention to detail that makes this hotel pretty special.  The mattresses are supplied by Hypnos the company that supplies mattresses to Buckingham Palace, McQueens of London provide the floral displays, 14 different species of palm trees grace the gardens and its home to a purpose built turtle sanctuary accomodating critically endangered sea turtles.  Even better a great collection of Sports channels – think All Blacks matches and America’s cup racing! So something for everyone in the family.

It is very much the dream holiday home, super sized to accomodate 435 couples and families.

The only downside is the pools stay closed until 9am so its a long wait for the first swim (the sea is of course open all hours!). We’ll spend the next day or so getting into holiday mode with a focus on slowing down the pace of life and then gently add some local sightseeing.

All part of ensuring the following 5 weeks go as well as they can and we get the most out of our European adventures.  From my perspective, poolside, it seems like a very good decision.

Highlights from small heights.

By the child also known as the small person or the resident bookworm

I’m here to save you from the boringness of mum’s writing. You may thank me later.

Today I’ll be talking about three things. The hotel’s swimming pool, the hotel’s food and the Mall of Dubai.

The swimming pools are all quite big and there is a spa as well. The pool can be warm or cold depending on whether you have just come straight from the spa pool.

There are plenty of seats that are shaded from the sun. The only problem is that the pools don’t open until nine. 😱

Secondly there is the food. Some is a bit too fancy for me but that may just be because it is covered in cream. The Palmery restaurant  has lots of kid’s and adults’s stuff. There’s waffles, pancakes, donuts and hash browns. Unfortunately there were tiny flies on the doughnuts 🍩

Then there’s the Mall of Dubai, which is quite confusing and maps don’t help much. There is a really big book store, a Hamelys and lots of other less important stuff.

Al Naseem

Kid’s Fun Rating 

8 1/2 out of 10

Open the pools at dawn and ditch the flies and it’s a solid 10






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