One sleep to go…

For me,  the best part of a holiday is round about now.

With one sleep to go, everything is pretty much ready.  The bags are almost packed, work is as under control as it can be this close to not being around for 5 weeks, the house is full of open suitcases and a simmering excitement is bubbling just beneath the surface.

It is all ahead of us and right now that feels pretty damn amazing.

The husband always says that the advantage of flying business class is not the actual flight; you don’t get there any faster and you don’t avoid jet lag.  The real advantage is that for the months (in our case about 9) leading up to the flight you are excited about the initial journey, not dreading it.  The airport, the lounge, the driver that collects you (on an Emirates flight), the champange before take off – all of those things are to come, so the holiday really begins the moment you close the front door and shut out the worries of every day life and embark on an adventure with the ones you love the most.

I always question the cost, but when you look at it that way – we have been reaping the benifits of the investment for a long time now.  I will close my eyes, not look at the dent in the bank account and lie flat all the way to Dubai.

As for the rest of the party, the small person is all set with books, Kobo and travel journals waiting to be filled in.  The husband has located the necessary location for  live feeds to watch the final of the America’s Cup once we get there and packed the ETNZ  hats and Sir Peter’s red socks.

So, all that is left for me to do is a little of paperwork, put the final touches on some packing and downing that first glass of champange in the lounge tomorrow night.





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