First, let me introduce myself.  I’m Jo, married to Simon and together we have a daughter Charlotte (now 10).   We have travelled extensively as a family and we are about to embark on our 2nd European Holiday.  The first was 2 years ago when Charlotte was 8.


We are a small family so travelling is easier but the lessons we’ve learned apply to larger families too.  We like new, we like different and we like nice hotels.  We enjoy luxury but we also like value for money when it comes to our hard-earned cash.


We’re also independent travelers- we don’t like to use agencies simply because we believe a lot of the fun is in the planning and we like to control our destiny.  What that means is a lot of time upfront planning and researching.  It also occasionally means going to travel shows – much to the child’s horror!


I’m an avid user of Trip advisor both as a person who reads and as a person who writes reviews but I also love reading other people’s blogs and posts.  So, with the help of MAS, I am embarking on my own travel blog.  Feel free to ask questions as we go and if I can help encourage you to get out there



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